Colin Wallis, CEO of Austin Parks Foundation
“Community – that’s the cornerstone of what Joah is talking about when he talks about running for city council in my council district. I’m so excited to support you…Because I know that you are going to be THE council member for District 9 and that you are going to do an amazing job for this city.”

Erin Gurak, Former District Director for Lloyd Doggett
“I know that as a council member, Joah will provide attentiveness, care, and results when our city needs it.”

Chas Moore, President, Austin Justice Coalition
“Joah was one of the first ppl at our offices asking “How can I help? What do you need me to do?” He went to them. [Joah] was one of the few people who actually went out to be at people’s doorsteps with the help they needed; not asking them to come to get it. And I think that’s the kind of leadership we need in this city.”

Nico Ramsey, Austin Steering Committee Co-Chair, Human Rights Campaign
I volunteer my time in human rights, specifically for LGBTQ causes. And I am proud to endorse Joah spearman for city council. Somebody who doesn’t just talk the talk, but walks the walk, and is not afraid to get in the trenches with you. When he said he’s gonna do something, he’s gonna do it. He has the mindset of a leader, not just for today but for the future. And when you look at him, and when you talk to him, you can see his determination.”

Dr. Kevin Michael Foster, AISD Board of Trustees
“If you are going to be effective as a teacher, one of the things you do is draw on the resources around you, including the human resources. Joah probably can’t count how many times I have had him come back to UT to speak to my students, and he always does it. The thing about his story is that it is a story that so many of our students can immediately relate to. Including the part after you graduate – when you struggle, when you grind. So I’m absolutely here for you, Brother. I’m here to support Joah Spearman for District 9.

Nelson Linder, President Austin NAACP
“I support your campaign primarily because of your vision and intellect…I see your campaign as an inspiration because of your balance and level of understanding. Over the past 30 years I have witnessed many political campaigns and supported many candidates. Your campaign transcends political boundaries and ideological shortcomings.”

Paul E. Scott, Chief Executive Officer at Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM)
His passion is infections; he comes to the table with so many geat ideas. But not just with great ideas,he also comes with a plan to execute those ideas. Joah believes in the inclusivity of our city and the imperative that economic growth should not mean segregation, by class, by race, ethnicity, or age. I’m so happy to support Joah Spearman for District 9. He will be an awesome City Council member.

Jessica Sanders, Owner/Operator DrinkWell Bar
“The hospitality sector is one that feels increasingly de-prioritized in Austin. I believe that Joah is actively listening to the needs of this community – a segment of our city’s economy that is largely powered by women, immigrants, and People of Color. I believe Joah has respect for the work we do in the food and drink space, and that respect will drive his work ethic and his innovation in solving the problems we face.”

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