Eugene Sepulveda, CEO, Entrepreneurs Foundation
“Joah is a long time committed community leader, an entrepreneur who’s willing to learn from others and does modify his plans & positions as he learns. He’s committed to addressing affordability, preserving Austin as a great place to do business, and addressing threats against Austin musicians & artists.”

Erin Gurak, Former District Director for Lloyd Doggett
“Joah Spearman will be a dynamic City Councilmember not only for District 9, but for all of Austin. As a former district director for Congressman Lloyd Doggett, I think of the small business owners, musicians and entrepreneurs I worked with during the pandemic and I know that as a Councilmember, Joah will provide attentiveness, care and results when our city needs it.”

Terry Lickona, producer, Austin City Limits TV
“I have known Joah for almost 13 years, and I know no one more committed to the idea of service than him. He understands the needs, hopes and dreams of the many diverse communities that make Austin such a special place to live, and the challenges they all face in such a crucial time for the City’s growth. But he does more than just listen and learn or take a stand; he’s been actively engaged on so many levels, and he tries to make a difference. District 9 needs a representative who knows the numbers, does their homework, works collaboratively with others but thinks outside the box. This City Council will guide the future of Austin; we need Joah to help lead the way.”

Colin Wallis, CEO of Austin Parks Foundation
“Community – that’s the cornerstone of what Joah is talking about when he talks about running for city council in my council district. I’m so excited to support you…Because I know that you are going to be THE council member for District 9 and that you are going to do an amazing job for this city.”

Philip Speer, chef/partner, Comedor Restaurant & founder, Comedor Run Club
“Joah has a unique ability to create intersections between varied communities from restaurants and runners to musicians and social justice advocates. Joah has deep knowledge of and respect within District 9, and I believe Joah is the candidate who most possesses a true, proven dedication to the causes and issues in our city.”

Paul Scott, CEO, Health Alliance for Austin Musicians
“His passion is just infectious and he comes to the table with so many great ideas, but it’s not just great ideas…he comes with a plan to execute those ideas. Joah also believes the inclusivity of our city and the imperative that our economic growth should not be segregated by class, by race, ethnicity or age so I am so happy to support Joah Spearman for District 9. He will be an awesome City Councilmember!”

Nico Ramsey, Human Rights Campaign, Austin steering committee co-chair
“I am proud to endorse Joah Spearman for City Council. Somebody who doesn’t just talk the talk, but walks the walks and is not afraid to get into the trenches with you. When he says he’s going to do something, he’s going to do it. He has the mindset of a leader, not just for today but for the future. And when you look at him and talk to him, you can see his determination.”

Chas Moore, executive director, Austin Justice Coalition
“Joah was one of the first people that during Winter Storm Uri – while the Governor and a lot of the politicians were scrambling around and not doing a bunch of nothing – was one of the first people at our office asking, “How can I help? What do you need me to do?” He drove around the city; we went to non-English speaking communities that were not Internet accessible…he was one of the few people that actually went out in the city to be there at people’s doorsteps when they needed help.”

Jessica Sanders, owner, DrinkWell Cocktail Bar & Restaurant
“The hospitality sector is one that feels increasingly de-prioritized in Austin. I believe that Joah is actively listening to the needs of this community – a segment of our city’s economy that is largely powered by women, immigrants, and People of Color. I believe Joah has respect for the work we do on the food and drink space, and that respect will drive his work ethic and his innovation in solving the problems we face.”

Dr. Kevin Michael Foster, AISD Board of Trustees
“The thing about his story is that it is a story that so many of our UT students can immediately relate to including the part after you graduate when you struggle, when you grind. I’m absolutely here to support Joah Spearman for District 9.”

Scott Francis, Founder & CEO, BP3 Global
“I know that Joah is important for Austin in a few ways: as a tech founder and member of our community, he brings solutions and skills to the table at City Hall that are generally lacking; as a Black man in Austin – and in tech –  he brings a perspective and empathy to City Council that few people in Austin can bring; he brings the support of the tech community in Austin for sure; and he is just a fantastic human being and mentor to others, and a fantastic communicator. I want Austin to be led by people like Joah.”

Piper Stege Nelson, former Chief Public Strategies Officer, SAFE Alliance
“Joah is phenomenal – smart and kind and really a brilliant business mind, which is exactly what our city needs right now.”

Nelson Linder, President, NAACP Austin
“Joah Spearman has a masterful understanding of what District 9 can be. His enthusiasm, intelligence and eclectic philosophy is refreshing and seemingly so appropriate in a city and world that seems hindered by ideology and unable to embrace the best all of us have to offer. He understands that District 9 has the opportunity to improve and have an even greater impact on the entire city.”

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